Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Visiting with M S Spencer

This past weekend I was part of a group of authors who gathered at the local library to meet readers and talk about our various books. I've always found such excursions to be entertaining and a great chance to shoot the breeze with other creative people.  A couple of them wrote children's stories, a few wrote poetry and several of us focused on fiction. I hit it off with a guy who has been inspired by the efforts of Stephen King (me too!) and a geology professor who penned a thriller.  We traded stories of our struggles with writing, editing and promotion.  We shared experiences about promotion. But through it all, one thing came to mind. We're not competitors. We're comrades.

Writers often support each other.  There is some kind of bond that occurs between people who take up this mostly solitary challenge of trying to write a story, to entertain or to educate. Whatever it may be, it brings us together.

Today is a perfect example of that. My good friend M.S. Spencer has offered to host me on her blog to talk about the re-release of the new and improved "Devious" the first book in the Jamie Richmond series.  She even persuaded me to offer up a free e-book copy to a lucky winner.  So use the link below to swing by her site and see what's new.