Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bringing the Heat (Part Two)

Last time I wrote about the different heat levels that the publisher assigns to books. So to continue in that vein, here’s an excerpt from the second book in the series, “Vanishing Act”.  This story is about Jamie’s best friend Linda, who becomes the subject of a stalker. But it’s also a tale about the relationship between Jamie and Malone and how they are still getting to know each other.
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Apparently Malone wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was so close. With one hand pressing me close, he pulled my robe open, drawing the sash free. Turning, Malone eased me onto the bed, moving me closer to the headboard. My body was on fire. I wanted to shed my robe and nightgown and feel Malone’s skin on mine.
His kisses were incredible. On this night he started with my eyes, lightly kissing the lids. Then he moved across my cheekbones with a little more pressure. His warm breath and lips were on the shell of my ear. Then he was nuzzling behind my ear, touching with his lips a spot so sensitive that I thought my heart might explode. It was as if Malone had discovered yet another level of passion and was ready to introduce me to it. I moaned as he pushed my arms up above my head.
He was still kissing me, moving his lips over to mine now, toying with me. I could feel his hands sliding up and down my arms, stretching me out on the bed. And then I realized I couldn’t move my arms. My eyes snapped open. Malone had a devilish grin on his face as he pulled back.
“What are you doing?” My voice was a throaty rasp.
“I’m just fulfilling a fantasy or two.”
He had used the satin sash from my robe to bind my wrists to the wooden headboard. I squirmed beneath him as the realization sunk in.
“Somehow I always pictured myself naked or wearing some sexy lingerie when I thought of this, Malone. Not dressed in a flannel nightgown.”
He sprawled beside me on the bed. Then with one hand, he slowly began to pull my nightgown up. I felt his hands everywhere. As he raised it above my hips, Malone resumed kissing me. And I sensed this was one fantasy I’d want to revisit. Now he moved the nightgown higher. Just the idea of him taking advantage of me this way was a rush. My body was thrumming like a guitar string. And Malone was a master musician.
“Jamie,” he whispered in my ear. He was beside me now, lightly kissing my face while his hands continued their explorations. “How long should I keep you tied up?”
“A minute,” I gasped “or for an hour or two.” In my wildest fantasies, this is the part where I would make a feeble attempt at escaping. But that wasn’t happening.
“I wonder how close I can get you,” he said as he drew patterns on my thighs with his fingertips, long slow circles and ovals.
“I’m already going to peak. The question is, how many times?”
Malone raised his head to look deeply into my eyes. “How many times would you like to peak, Jamie?”
“More than half a dozen will probably put me in the hospital, Malone.”
“Then you’d better keep count,” he said. 

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