Monday, June 8, 2015

Road Trips and Ink Drop Interview

I enjoy traveling.  It’s the opportunity to see a different part of the country, meet new people, experience the sights and sounds and everything that goes with it is very appealing. It’s a chance to broaden your perspective.

This last weekend I was able to combine a little travel with a little business.  Chicago hosted the Printer’s Row Lit Festival.  Black Rose Writing, who published my novel “Why 319?” was kind enough to sponsored two tables and I had a slot for Saturday afternoon.  Knowing that traffic and parking around Chicago can be difficult at best, we opted to take the South Shore train in from the Michigan City, IN area.  The train stopped within 3 blocks of the festival. 

This event was a steady stream of people. It was a great opportunity to talk with other authors and readers. I chatted with many of the people strolling through the array of tables and tents. But there was one who stands out above the rest.  This was a young lady named Kayla who passed my table a couple of times before circling back, dragging her parents along. It turns out that Kayla, who I’m guessing was in her mid-teens, is also a writer. She’s written a couple of young adult stories. Kayla had many questions about her next steps. Her eyes sparkled as we talked about writer’s conferences, resources, publishers and literary agents.  I explained that I am no expert, merely someone who has been at this for a while and has had a little success. Sharing information with others who are interested in writing is important. And if even one example or tidbit that I gave her turns out to be helpful, it was time well spent. 

Kayla’s mother said they’d driven all the way from Iowa for the event. She also told me Kayla was determined to meet with an author and ask her questions. We talked for quite a while.  I would not be surprised to hear from her again.


I received notice today that I'm featured on Ink Drop Interviews, talking about writing. There's also a peek at the sequel for "Why 319?" that I'm working on.  I hope you'll stop by and check it out. Many thanks to Kathy for hosting me.

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