Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rockin' the Dinosaur

Truth be told when it comes to technology, I’m something of a dinosaur. While I use a computer for my writing, I’m slow to embrace a lot of the latest and greatest inventions that are supposed to make life easier. I have a cell phone, but it’s not a smart phone. Most weekdays at work I’m stuck in front of a computer, so access to all the internet and email is immediate. The same applies when I’m home, if I’m working on a story. 

So while I’m aware of certain advantages of social media and the waves of opportunities out there to reach people, I’m not exactly leading the charge.  Which makes this recent event so much sweeter.  Author Carolyn Wren has a knack for technology. She graciously offered to create video trailers for some of her fellow writers. When I expressed interest in the project, she was quick to take on the Jamie Richmond series.  After a few tweaks, her finished results went up on Youtube Friday.   And I'd encourage you to check out Carolyn's site to learn more about her work.

Here’s a link for your viewing pleasure.

Image result for dinosaur pictures

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