Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Return of the Girls!

My girls are back.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way.  These girls are special. And you could say they were never really gone, because they are in fact always with me. But now they’re back and waiting for you.

The girls I’m referring to are Jamie Richmond, my star from the mystery romance series and her best friend, Linda Davis.  Linda makes her first appearance in “Vanishing Act” and her relationship with Jamie is a major factor in the story.

Last September, the publisher who originally had the three books in the series went out of business. That led to some intense scrambling by a number of authors who were now diligently trying to find a new home for their creations.  Not every publisher is interesting in picking up another house’s catalog.  Think of the television series “Longmire” that ran for three years on A & E. When they cancelled it, Netflix swooped in and kept it running. But how many other networks passed on it? It’s the same idea with publishers.

So imagine my delight when Inkspell Publishing came to Jamie’s rescue. Each book went through a very thorough editing process, which led to some revisions.  When I looked at their comments and suggestions, I could see a definite improvement to the individual stories. 

“Devious” and “Vanishing Act” are now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the usual suspects.  “Fleeing Beauty” the third book can be pre-ordered on Amazon.  This one even has a brand new cover that really snapped my eyes open when I saw it.

 Special thanks to Viari Rose for her talent at bringing my vision of Jamie to life. 

So the girls are back.  And they are ready to meet you.

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