Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Little Romance

Like many writers, I try to incorporate different genres in my stories. It helps move the story along when there is a subplot that helps to flesh out the characters. So it's not uncommon to weave some romance in the middle of a mystery. Sometimes there is so much activity in the subplot, that it carries its own importance in the story.

I have two novels that fall into this category.  Both of these are two to be released later this year by Secret Cravings Publishing.  "Devious" was originally intended to be a straight mystery, about Jamie, a former reporter turned novelist, who witnesses a police officer being shot while she's riding along with him to gain insight into his duties for a character in an upcoming book.  The original idea was for Jamie to become obsessed with the crime and figure out who did it and what the motivation was.  And that remains the heart of the story.  But along the way, Jamie stumbles into a very intense romantic relationship with Malone, another police officer who is also a bit mysterious.  So is it a mystery with a lot of romance, or a romance with a mystery?  That's for the reader to decide. But I always find it interesting that writers, both male and female, can weave a little bit of romance into their work.

Jean Joachim, one of my associates from Secret Cravings, had an article published in USA Today that reflects the type of movies that inspire writers to keep the romance going. I was delighted to be included in that article.

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