Friday, April 4, 2014

A review: Dangerous Curves

I don't usually write reviews on the books I read. While I might recommend an author or two to friends or associates, that's about as far as it goes. But this is the second novel by Morgan Wyatt that I've had the pleasure to read.  So I couldn't resist jotting down a few lines. 
This book rocks!  Morgan Wyatt grabs your attention right out the gate and takes you on a roller coaster of hot, steamy entanglements with enough conflicting emotions from both her primary characters to keep you guessing.  The delectable Krista, a curvaceous and sultry school principal, hides her true feelings and her desires behind sensible shoes and practical clothes. I wouldn’t be surprised if she pins up her hair into a bun and sports a pair reading glasses to hide behind. 


Out of town for a conference, Krista has a chance meeting with the muscular, motorcycle riding Wolfe, who gets her libido into overdrive faster than a speeding bullet. But it’s the impact she has on him that catches Wolfe off guard and creates enough confusion for him that he loses his focus on trying to unravel a puzzling mystery before someone ends up dead.


Wyatt’s characters are well drawn and believable. The supporting characters all have their own motives, and she keeps you guessing who really is good and who is bad. There’s enough heat between Krista and Wolfe to trip the smoke alarm.  4 stars.

 You may want to check out some of her other work at her website.



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