Sunday, September 7, 2014


It is time to celebrate.

At long last, my mystery "Why 319?" is now available.  This story has been a work in progress or WIP for so long, it's difficult to remember when I first had the idea. To say that it's undergone a number of changes over the years is an understatement. While the basis of the original story remains, there were so many subplots, character changes and twists developed that it really took on a life of its own. Still for a writer there is a definite thrill when your work is deemed worthy by a publisher and you're able to see it out there for the world.

Along the way, I asked a few people whose opinions I value to give it a read. One of those was M S Spencer, who also writes mysteries and knows a thing or two about crafting a good story. Here's one of Spencer's comments.

"If you’re looking for a riveting police procedural, pick up Mark Love’s new murder mystery, Why 319? Fast-paced, authentic, with a slew of distinctive characters and an unconventional mystery, the story’s twists and turns (not to mention a few backtracks) kept me guessing way too long."

Not bad eh?

So if you're looking for a good mystery, check it out.  

Since I'm in the mood to celebrate, I'm offering up a free e-book copy of "Devious" the first story in the Jamie Richmond series.  So here's your chance to check out the adventures of my favorite redhead. Hope you enjoy it!

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