Saturday, February 7, 2015

Still a Dinosaur

I am the first to admit that my abilities with technology are limited.  When I started writing, I had an electric typewriter that seemed to fit the bill. I would crank out my efforts  and could see some immediate gratification as one page rolled off the machine and I had to feed in another.  That was fine for short stories, but when I turned my attention to longer work, I discovered the error of my ways.

Ninety pages into a novel, I was suddenly struck by inspiration where I could revamp the main character, his name, his actions, his attitudes and his life in general. I sat there staring at the pile of pages neatly tucked into a box in front of me.  After grumbling a number of foul words, I went and bought a computer.  Cut and paste is so much easier now. And it's not nearly so messy.  I've been stumbling my way forward ever since.

So the other day I looked at the blog. It's barren. There are no pictures here, no copies of the various book covers, no links, no gadgets, nothing.  Just the ramblings I put on here periodically. Author M S Spencer gave me a nudge. ' Fix it up'.  Taking a look at her blog, I could see the difference.

I rarely looked at the control panel.  So after a little fiddling around, I learned how to post such things.

It looks better. Hopefully it's more inviting.  But truth be told, I'm still a dinosaur. There are probably other improvements that can be made, but let's not rush things! Let me know what you think of the changes.


  1. I take back my latest nudge. But you've only just begun (wait, isn't there a song that starts that way?).

    1. Oh my God, you're channeling Karen Carpenter. I'm not sure which is scarier, that or the fact that I recognized it! Let's not rush into things. This is another work in progress.