Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day!

What could be more appropriate on this day than reading a few words from a guy named Love?
Actually, the local library had asked me to be part of a panel discussion with several other writers to talk about romance and mystery and writing, but due to a nasty blizzard that's making it's presence felt, they opted to cancel.

So instead of speaking to a group about romance and mystery, I decided to change things around. There are three books in the Jamie Richmond mystery series.  "Devious" was first, then came "Vanishing Act" and more recently "Fleeing Beauty".   I was a little surprised the other day when someone pointed out that as far as 'heat' goes on the romance side, they are rated one-two-three respectively.  This was not something that happened deliberately. It may have been the result of suggestions from a few readers and from my buddy, Joanna, who has volunteered to read early drafts of each book.

That being said, I've decided to give away an e-Book copy of each one today.  Just tell me about the most romantic or memorable Valentine's Day you've ever had.  I'll pick the winners on Sunday morning. 



  1. As a genealogist, I have been fascinated with names of relatives and I have men from the early 1800s that's first name is Valentine.
    Most memorable Valentine, maybe 1976, senior in high school, fiance had to leave Ft. Bragg area and go on emergency leave home because his mother had to have surgery and he sent me flowers. Not something I have ever been crazy about, but it was really special when you are 17 and missing your first Valentine's Day with your sweetheart. We married that Oct and are still married. But then again Valentine's Day 1980 was HOT, so much so, in October I gave birth to a boy (he was due Nov.) and I still have memories of that celebration! When they tried to argue my due date I told them, I know when I got pregnant and where....I was correct too!
    Kathy Watts,

    1. Kathy, those are some great memories. It's always interesting how the events of a certain date can become such a part of our lives. Every time you see your son probably triggers a flashback to that February in 1980.

    2. Yes Mark, he is a FANTASTIC man, Has been in the Army since 2001 with 7 deployments, 4 to Iraq and 3 to Afghanistan. He plans on staying in a retiring from the military like my father.