Monday, April 20, 2015

Now on Sale!

I'm a mystery nut. While other genres may occasionally distract me, it's mysteries that get my attention right off the bat.  There are some authors, like John Sandford, Lee Child and John Lescroart who spin a great tale and keep you guessing. I have rein myself in once in awhile or I'll race through the stories and miss a clue.

The local library has a big sale every other month where you can pick up used books for very reasonable prices. I tried to hit this each time, because it's a great opportunity to discover a new author. I'll check out the back cover, read a page or two of the story and see if they can hook me. That's how I've found some great authors like James Rollins and Carl Hiaasen. The former writes those fantastic Sigma Force novels and the latter...well, Hiaasen mixes in some extremely wacky characters with the Florida wildlife and the forces of Mother Nature. I stumbled upon his latest work, "Bad Monkey" and really enjoyed it.  Very entertaining.

Sometimes, I'll stumble upon an older book by Sandford or Child. These older works are just as good as the current ones. So that got me thinking about a couple of my own older novels.
"Fade Away" is part mystery, part thriller. It's about a recently retired soldier who gets injured in an industrial accident at a chemical plant. Although he recovers from his injuries, he ends up with some unusual side effects. A cross country chase ensues as he tries to track down the people responsible in the hopes of finding an antidote.

"Desperate Measures" is a mystery about a struggling author. He's a ghost writer for a young adult series who dreams of having his own books published. Following the latest rejection, he decides to write a book no one can put down. So he comes up with a "How to Kill Your Wife and Get Away With It" story.  Three days after he submits it to his publisher, his wife disappears.  Would a guy really go that far to get his book published?

Both "Fade Away" and "Desperate Measures" are available on Amazon for only $ 2.99.  Check out the links below.

Happy reading.

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