Saturday, April 11, 2015

Author Interview and Coincidences

I'm not a big fan of coincidences. When I'm writing, I might sneak one in occasionally if it fits the moment and my mood. But there's something about a coincidence that often makes me sit back and ask 'Really?' or some other words to that effect.

In my youth many decades ago, I got hooked on the mysteries of John D. MacDonald, particularly his Travis McGee series. These began in the late 60s and ran until the mid 80s. There were over 20 books in all.  McGee was not your typical cop or detective. He worked only when he needed to make some cash or to help out a good friend. McGee enjoyed life in Florida, the great outdoors, the company of beautiful women and a few close friends. He was a 'salvage consultant', so if you were conned out of your fortune and McGee helped you recover it, you split the proceeds right down the middle.  Once the caper was over, he'd resume his early retirement way of life.  I enjoyed his adventures and this character so much that I named my first son Travis.

This morning in my email, Travis sent me a link to a newspaper article, about the efforts to make a movie out of  "The Deep Blue Good-by" the first McGee book, which will star Christian Bale. That's not exactly how I always pictured McGee, but that's Hollywood.  The photo is taken from one of the book covers.

Now, you're probably asking 'what does this have to do with coincidence?'  I knew you would.  Well, turns out this morning my interview on Elise Abram's blog went live. I'd responded to her questions a while ago and forgot about my responses to early influences, which includes MacDonald.  Coincidence?  Or a psychic connection.   Do you believe in coincidences?

You can see the interview on the link below.

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