Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: The Penhallow Train Incident

Like most authors, I read a lot, somewhere around 40 novels a year. While I don’t always write a review, at times I’ll enjoy a story so much that I’m inspired to spread the word.
That’s the case with The Penhallow Train Incident by M.S. Spencer.  I’ve read several others works from this talented author. She always delivers. 

An innocent ride on a vintage train becomes the triggering point for a series of events that include multiple murders, history, archeology, international intrigue and more confusion than a Hollywood family reunion.

Is a ten year old local robbery the motive behind the murders? Were the victims’ innocent bystanders or active participants? Is this all about money, or righting ancient wrongs? How does all this tie together?

Spencer draws the reader in with well-developed characters and enough conflicts to keep you guessing what comes next. Adding to the mixture is the attraction between Rachel Tinker and Griffin Tate. The fencing match that ensues as they try to unravel the puzzle before turning their attentions on each other includes the type of banter we can all relate to.

A very enjoyable read.

5 Stars

Check out Spencer's blog to learn more about her great books.

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