Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fleeing Beauty

Someone asked me the other day which one of my books is my favorite.  That's a difficult question. My first reaction was to say 'the next one', because I always strive to make each story better, more engaging, with a few twists and turns that the reader won't be expecting.  But I didn't jump at that bait. The response I gave him wasn't what he expected.

"My books are like my children. Each one is special. Each has their own character, their own strengths and weaknesses that make them unique. I've been blessed with two sons.  I don't play favorites. They are different. I love them both. They're my sons."

Same thing goes with my books.  These are my fictional children, stories that I've labored over for weeks and months, shaping the story line, rounding out the characters, following their leads and seeing where the story goes. There are parts of each one that sing to me, that give me the sense of 'damn, that was good' or words to that effect.  But it's impossible for me to pick a favorite.

Having said that, I must admit that "Fleeing Beauty" the third book in the Jamie Richmond series, really came together well.   The main plot is the discovery of a number of priceless sculptures Jamie's father created more than twenty years ago, which leads to a robbery. There are several subplots, including the rekindling of an old romantic relationship and a budding teenage romance.  The main characters continue to evolve and the introduction of several new players worked out smoothly.

The book went through some recent editing, shaping and polishing a few rough edges. And then there's the cover.   The talented people at Shades of Rose Media have truly captured the image of Jamie that's been dancing around inside my skull for years.  I almost expect her to step off the cover, give me a hug and let loose with a wisecrack.  That's my girl.

And at long last, she's here.  "Fleeing Beauty" will be available on Monday, February 29. That's the release day.  So take the leap and see for yourself what Jamie is up to this time.

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