Sunday, March 22, 2015

A review: The Apple of My Eye

Somebody far wiser than me once said, "If you want to be a good writer, you have to read."  I've always taken those words to heart, to the point that I have been known to become so engrossed in a good book that my family will give up trying to engage me in conversations.

While I occasionally read from other genres, mysteries are what draw me in.  As a kid I read all the Sherlock Holmes books, then graduated to the Travis McGee series by the late John D. MacDonald.  As time went on, I started throwing a wider net, drawing in other authors who friends would recommend or I'd stumble upon at library sales and used book stories.  I'm a mystery junkie. Nuff said.

Recently a couple of the authors with Black Rose Writing offered to trade books. One of those, "I'll read yours if you read mine" kind of things.  This was done with no expectations, just a chance to dig into another book.  Yeah, that's like telling me I can only have one M & M.  Get real!

So I was able to obtain a copy of Mary Ellen Bramwell's romance/mystery "The Apple of My Eye".  Since that's the same category as my Jamie Richmond series,  the familiar territory sounded good.
Here's my take on the story:

Mary Ellen Bramwell delivers with this engaging story, combining true love and mystery with a delicate touch.  All of her characters are well drawn, particularly the young couple Paul and Brea who discover each other and the possibility of long term happiness.

But how well can you know someone? That’s one of the central questions to this story. Bramwell does an excellent job, raising all the questions and doubts that one might have when their peaceful idyllic life is disrupted. Her portrayal of Brea, the young wife and mother, is right on target. This is no one-dimensional cardboard character. She’s brought to life with all the aches and pains of the situation and a stubborn determination to learn the truth, no matter what the cost. Her plight draws you in and keeps the pages turning.

There is plenty of mystery involved here. And just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, Bramwell deftly slips in another curve. 

This is a very enjoyable read that shares, romance, mystery, murder and more than a few surprises.

So if you're interested in a great read, here's a link to the book.  5 Stars

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